Meiki Hawaii


What is a Life Coach?
As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am a professional who works with healthy women who want to improve their lives in specific ways.  By working with me, you can:
*  Discover choices you may not have imagined;
*  Develop your intuition; reconnect with your inner wisdom
*  Discover & understand your conflicts and why you feel stuck;
*  See the “big picture” of your life and create your life by choice;
*  Enhance your lifestyle or quality of life;
*  Find your special guy and have a loving, committed relationship, choose a different career, decide to move to another country – have the life you always dreamed of!

Is Life Coaching the same as therapy?
No.  Therapy focuses on the past and helps clients resolve or understand past issues.  Life Coaching focuses on present and future behavior.

What happens in a coaching session?  What can I expect?
In coaching, you are in the driver’s seat.  You set the agenda for the session.  Coaching is always based on your values and what you feel is important in your life.  As your coach, my job is to set up a safe environment.  I may ask hard questions, you choose what you will answer.  Through coaching, you begin to question your preconceived ideas of how life should be.  Coaching also helps you discover and resolve fears and conflicts.  For many people, fear shows up as resistance and no movement towards what you say you want.  Since many breakthroughs happen outside of the sessions, between session email support is also provided to all clients.

It sounds like I must have a goal in order to be coached.  What if I don’t know what I want?
Coaching is for everyone.  You may feel unsettled because you can’t figure out what you want.  Or, you may know what you want and feel stuck because you aren’t taking any action.  The bottom line is that you know you want more; working together we move you forward.

Do you have a specialty or niche?
I enjoy working with women.  I have experienced most of the issues today’s woman faces:  finding a good man, sustaining a committed relationship, career and professional development, finding balance, being authentic, having confidence in my decision making.  Through exercises and activities, I help women find their own personal method of accessing their inner wisdom and get clear on their priorities.  I teach them how to make the decisions that are best for them, and to develop an action plan that creates the life they want.

Who will benefit most?
Women who are open and willing to make changes in their lives to achieve what they say they want.  Women who are willing to make the time and effort to invest in themselves; to step a little out of their comfort zone and be willing to take small risks.

How soon will I have my answers?
Meiki Hawaii offers you a number of ways to help yourself…

Life Coaching:  You are in the driver’s seat.  You decide how many sessions and how often you want to meet.  Coaching sessions will run between 45 – 90 minutes.  All sessions will be on Skype or LINE, although if I am in country, face-to-face sessions may be scheduled.

Workshops:  A variety of workshops (Intuitive Decision Making, Self Confidence, Letting Go of Your Fears, and more) will be held in Hawaii and Japan in 2014.  These workshops will be intensive with a lot of hands-on individual and group work to help you identify and achieve the changes you want in your life.  Please visit my Workshops page to see what is currently being offered.

Workbooks:  My first self-help workbook of the Dream & Live it! series, Work in the USA, was issued in February, 2013.  These workbooks are self-help guides with a proven system.  When followed, you will achieve your goals.

Each of these components – coaching, workshops and workbooks – individually or together, will lead you to the life you want.  How fast you achieve your answers will depend on your commitment to the process.

What are your fees?  Is coaching covered by my medical insurance?
No, your coaching sessions are not covered by any medical insurance plans in either Japan or the US.

You decide how often you would like to meet.  You can choose to begin with a fast track kickoff and meet weekly or decide you need some time to plan and ponder after each session.  Billing is done after the session.  You may pay in either USD or JPY, it is your choice.

How can I experience coaching?  
Coaching is difficult to explain and is best experienced.  Although coaching has benefits for everyone, timing is important.  If you are interested in discovering more about coaching, let’s have a conversation so we can both decide if we are a good match and if our partnership will help you achieve what you want in your life.  Our initial conversation will be by Skype or LINE or when I am in country, face-to-face in the Kansai area (Umeda, Nishinomiya Gardens or Takatsukushi) or in the downtown Honolulu/Aiea area.  Please use the Send Lisa a Note page to request an appointment.

I work during the day, what are your hours?
All sessions are by appointment only.  When we schedule the appointment, I will work with you to find a mutually convenient time, regardless of your time zone.

Where are you located?
I currently live in Osaka, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii and conduct most sessions by phone, Skype or LINE.  If available, I would be happy to meet you in person in west Honolulu (Moanalua, Aiea or Pearl City) or in Umeda.  Please contact me if other arrangements are desired; I’m flexible and will work to find a way to meet your needs.

I don’t live in either Japan or Hawaii and I can’t afford long distance/international charges.  What are my alternatives?
Google Voice and Skype offer very low cost ways to be connected by computer or land line.  Most of my clients like to work with me via Skype because of its great benefits:
*  You can have a session in the comfort of your home or office – even when if you are abroad – and with a webcam, you can still have the visual element of a face to face session.  Note:  A webcam is optional.
*  It saves time and money.  You don’t have to spend time driving or riding the train and you don’t have the expense of train or parking fees.  It is very cost effective.
*  There is more flexibility with appointments.
*  Skype (or LINE) is totally free.  It is free to download to your computer or even to your smartphone.  And, it is free and simple to use, you just need an internet connection.
*  It works well wherever you live in the world and allows you to fit your coaching sessions in with your other life commitments.
*  It is perfect for long distance sessions.