Meiki Hawaii


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“Yesterday, I realized the big difference between coaching and therapy. I think therapy helped me suffer less from intense negative emotions (ex:depression), so they helped me survive the overwhelming moment, but the coaching helps me “thrive.”

Eiko, Japan




The training went really well and I had a couple of other projects that boosted my energy and my confidence. I notice myself volunteering more ideas and offering to do things. I am delighted with my progress in banishing these ghosts and know that the thinking we did in June and July got me in the right frame of mind to kick the ghosts out of my “ZONE”! So thank you! I wanted to let you know that our sessions were meaningful and opened some new thinking pathways for me.” 

Mary A., Japan


flowers 3“I believe that my sessions with Lisa definitely made a great and positive impact on my life.  Her comments were thought provoking and gave me a greater insight about my future goals and myself.  I was very impressed about how much I learned about myself after each of my sessions. Lisa is a great listener and became a person whom I knew I could trust.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family members!” 

Janice N., Hawaii



shower tree” The most useful part of my life coaching session was the undivided attention you gave me.  You listened with an open ear and heard all the “shoulds” I was using in my daily life.  By realizing this, I was better able to recognize when I was “shoulding” instead of “wanting” to do something.  Also, I realized that when I approach something in a wanting way, things flow more smoothly – when I approach things in a “should” way, it feels as if I’m going against the grain.  You helped me realize this by attentively listening to me.  I thank you for this new release.”

Michelle C., Colorado



gardenia“I serendipitously met Lisa at a perfect time when I was just starting my business three years ago.  It was “meant to be!”  Our sessions helped me to focus and inspired me to keep moving forward.  Lisa empowered me to overcome self-doubt and encouraged me to conduct workshops to maximize my personal potential and also build my business.  She took me from where I was, helped me to explore and come up with the best choices to go where I wanted to go!  Thank you, Lisa!”

Helen U., Hawaii



plumeriaI first met Lisa at a coffee shop located minutes away from my condo.  She walked up with a beautiful smile and we instantly hit it off.  Having an extensive background in Human Resources Management, Lisa’s inspiration is drawn directly from her life experiences and the passion to help other people succeed.  There were definitely intense periods of tears and moments of laughter, but what I found was truly a friend who really cares.”

excerpt from Julie T.’s blog